Kcee Drags Artistes Who Use And Dump Their Record Label


Kcee has gotten a lot off his chest.

In a new interview with Punch, the Five Star Music executive went on a long rant about artistes who use their record labels for personal career growth and abscond.

This comes just days after Harrsyong announced that he was re-launching his record label, Alter Plate, following amicable resolution with his former bosses at Five Star Music.

Harrysong’s drama with the record label started in January, after the singer accused the company of not appreciating his efforts. He dumped them and launched his own company, prompting a media/police drama that stretched for days. He was arrested following complaints of breaching a contractual agreement and forging E-Money’s signature.

However, the parties resolved their difference; Harrysong returned to the label to do one more stint, before finally being let to go.

Now, Kcee is upset with artistes that take advantage of their record labels.

He said:

“A lot of artistes don’t bother to read contracts before signing it. They just put pen to paper without going through the documents to know whether they are okay with the terms and conditions of the deal. At that initial stage, many of the artistes are usually hungry and desperate and would practically beg to sign those contracts. Many of them are also not loyal as they just want to ride on the record label’s platform and money to promote their careers. When they find fame and make a lot of money, they begin to say that the contract is no longer workable for them. Most times, the artistes wouldn’t even call for re-negotiation of the contract, rather they would just abscond and things are not done that way,” he said.

“I always advise artistes to study the contracts before signing it because once you put your signature on it, you are legally bound to comply with the terms of the contract, so far you were not made to sign it under duress. Promoting an artiste is very expensive and it usually takes time for record labels to recoup their investment. This is despite the massive risk that they take because there is no guarantee that the artiste would be successful. But most times, people don’t know what transpired between the parties involved before taking sides.” 

Hmmm, is this directed towards Harrysong?


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