Dreezy Calls Out The BET Awards For Nominating Female Rappers Who Didn’t Even Put Albums Out


Dreezy, an emerging female rapper from Chicago, came rushing into 2016 with guns blazing. She released her first studio album “No Hard Feelings” on Interscope mid-summer, and the album proceeded to produce a platinum single, “Body.” She was also tapped for several big tours, including one with Gucci Mane, and even if her singles didn’t hit the radio, all of her accompanying videos are in the millions when it comes to views, including “Body,” the platinum single featuring none other than Jeremih. Because of all these accomplishments, she was prickly about the BET Awards completely passing her over when it came to female rappers. Here’s a couple of her tweets from yesterday on the situation:

The BET nominees for Best Female Rapper are: Cardi B, Missy Elliott, Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma, and Young M.A.. Now, as much as we all love Nicki Minaj, she didn’t even drop an album last year. Cardi B goes hard, but she didn’t either. Neither did Missy. Could this be another instance of Nicki being slightly overrated? For what it’s worth, neither did Young M.A., though her come up off “OOOUUU” was pretty undeniable so we’ll give them that one.

After seeing Dreezy perform live with Gucci Mane up in the Bay a couple weeks ago, her star potential was clear. Here’s hoping she gets her due recognition soon, and keeps grinding in the meantime. Despite her frustration, she has absolutely no interest in bringing other women down:


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