Dancehall Artist, Burna boy, Said He’s No One’s Role Model


Dancehall artist Burna Boy has said he is no one’s role model, stating that he has gone through more than what the average 25-year-old person has gone through. The “Rock your body” crooner who disclosed this in an Instagram post on Tuesday, added that he is just trying to live his life to the best of his abilities and take one day at a time.

He wrote:

“I Am NOT your Role Model. I am just a 25 year old who has been through more than any 25 year old should have to, therefore takes life 1 day at a time and tries to make the best of things. This is my REAL LIFE, don’t let your life be determined by how anyone lives theirs. You are Special and Amazing. You would not have been put on this earth if there wasn’t a Reason. I love you all. Love yourselves and each other. The World is Yours! #Rock$T⭐️r”.


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