Rick Ross Takes Plea Deal in Aggravated Battery, Kidnapping and Assault Case


   Rick Ross has taken a plea deal for 5 misdemeanor charges in the kidnapping and assault case against him.

According to Atlanta’s WSB-TV, the rapper whose real name is William Roberts appeared in court yesterday for another hearing to ask the judge to throw out the case because he was defending himself, and ended up pleading no contest. Hence, taking a plea deal.

Recall that the drama started in 2015, when the rapper and his personal manager Nadrian James were accused of pistol-whipping his groundskeepers at the rapper’s mansion and holding the two men against their will. Two weeks later, the 40-year-old was arrested in Fayette County, Georgia, and charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, and aggravated battery.

During the previous court hearings, the rapper alleged that he was only defending himself from the men who had brought many people over to his home without his permission. But the prosecutor argued that the rapper knew that the two men were bringing their family over to the guesthouse for a birthday party because the men lived permanently on the rapper’s property, and that the group included at least two small children.

The judge presiding over the case would have ruled for it to be dismissed or to go on trial yesterday, but on appearing in court, Rick Ross took a plea deal and dodged possible multiple felony sentences, which seemingly is his best option.

TMZ adds that the rapper pleaded no contest to one felony charge of aggravated assault, while other felony charges were dropped. The rapper was given a total of 60 months probation and this does not restrict him from travelling.

I think he’s very lucky.


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