Trey Songz Gets Brutally Dragged for ‘Fighting’ With Fan Amidst Beef With August Alsina


Trey Songz is currently being dragged on social media by his fans and it ain’t pretty.

During a performance at a club yesterday, a shouting row ensued between the 32-year-old singer and a fan in the crowd. Not much details was given on the cause of the fight, however it appears Trey was defending one of his crew members.

“I have every answer to this sh*t nigga, you talking from over there nigga , come on!” Trey taunted the fan while others screamed and recorded the unfolding drama.

However, Trey’s attitude doesn’t sit well with fans and here’s mainly why.

Two days ago, singer August Alsina threatened to beat Songz’s ‘goofy ass’ after the Bottoms up crooner reignited their beef during an interview with Breakfast Club.

Both singers’ relationship turned sour in 2014 after August accused Songz of being fake and having an attitude. Then during his Breakfast club interview, Trey said this: “August was talking crazy a couple years ago and I ain’t want to fight. I don’t want to fight nobody.” This was what spurred Alsina’s threa, August Alsina captioned this on an IG post: When niggas mention yo name in a interview talking bout catching fades but you already offered several fades years ago and will STILL gladly beat his goofy ass & then be cool later 🙂😒 @treysongz @breakfastclubam #NeverTalkingCrazyAlwaysTalkingTRUTH Stretch before you reach next time nigxa! And don’t mention my name. (Back to the Real World, where real problems exist.) ✌🏽” 

So fans can’t understand why Songz will run away from a fight with Alsina but easily pick up one with a fan.


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